How to evaluate the number of transplants needed:

This depends on the surface of the receiving area. During the personal consultation with my patient we will determine the recipient area. Once this receiving area has been defined, I measure the total of this area in cm2. The value thus obtained is then multiplied by a factor varying between 40 and 50 which corresponds to the density of the hair. The density is determined based on the average caliber of the hair to be implanted, such as the color, the contrast between hair and skin colour, the appearance of the hair (straight, slightly wavy, curly, curly or frizzy) as well as the surface to be covered.
So the number of grafts to be implanted is the area multiplied by the density.

FUs to implant = S x D
(cm2x FUs / cm2 = FUs)

If the frontal area is to be transplanted with a reconstruction of the frontal line, it will be necessary to add 300 to 350 “singles”. Single follicular units of fine hair which make it possible to give a natural appearance of the frontal line where, for aesthetic reasons, one must implant only singles. In this case the formula will be:

FUs to implant frontal = S x D + singles for the frontal line.

Example 1:
Recipient surface area = 50 cm2
Density of implantation = 50 FUs / cm2
Recipient zone = frontal area
=> FUs to implant = 50 x 50 + 350 singles = 2850

Example 2:
Recipient surface area = 50 cm2
Density of implantation = 45 FUs / cm2
Recipient zone = vertex
=> FUs to implant = 50 x 45 = 2250