July 2018

Coverage and density

Afro, curly and wavy hair gives better coverage than straight Caucasian type of hair for various reasons. In some cases there may still a good density of hair, however, the reflection of light on the scalp through the thin miniaturised hair may make the person look bald even though he/she is not. When this [...]

FUE Patchy

  Fue PatchyPatchy Fue is a variant of the classic FUE that consists of a follicular unit removal in the donor area without completely shaving it as is customary in a conventional FUE. Only partial shaving of the donor area is performed.It will therefore be a question of creating "patches" in the form of thin [...]

June 2018

Why are implanted hairs permanent?

  Why are implanted hairs permanent? What is the lifespan of implanted hair? The transplanted hair is hair that, if taken according to the rules of the art from the "healthy" donor area, will continue its normal life until the time programmed by genetics. Hair from a "healthy" donor area, that is to say [...]

April 2017

Hair loss prevention

Hair loss prevention is a battle as old as history itself. For millennia, man has sought ways to prevent hair loss and reverse hair loss when it has already occurred. Unfortunately, history has shown this to be a losing battle, until the past twenty years. The oldest known hair loss prevention remedy was recorded [...]

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