The frontal hairline is of great importance as it frames your face. Whilst the general shape is decided on by the patient, a successful , natural looking transplantation highly depends on the abilities of the doctor performing the operation.

The most important aspects of an aesthetically natural looking frontal hairline are:

  1. an irregular edge
  2. irregular density
  3. thinner hair at the front, thicker toward the back
  4. randomly located thinner hairs outside the hairline
  5. careful positioning of each hair in a certain direction and angle in order for them to grow in the desired direction

The height at which the frontal hairline is placed also plays an important role. Even a non-balding hairline rises as we mature. Hence, it makes little sense to place it too low if it does not match your age or you do not have enough donor hair available to transplant, as a lower frontal line requires more grafts.

Furthermore, it is important to examine the progress of your hair loss at the time you decide to have the procedure done. If you are still in your 30s, for example, and you have minimal hair loss with receding temples, you need to be aware that the hair loss can still progress with age.

The doctor will carefully asses your level of hair loss and discuss an individual restoration plan with you.