Number of FU’s / cm2
Bad: 85

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) by using a micro-punch. This is a revolutionary technique to minimize scarring, leaving scars less than 1mm of diameter (depending on the size of the punch).

Elasticity of the scalp, allows to evaluate the width of the strip to be taken.
Bad: no mobility of the scalp, maximum extraction: 1 cm
Average: mobility allowing the extraction of a Strip from 1,1 to 1,3 cm
Good: extraction of a strip of> 1.3 cm

Cylindrical scalpel with a circular cutting edge with a diameter of 0.75 to 1 mm.

Stage consisting in the reimplantation of the grafts in the sites of implantation of the recipient zone.

Suture of the surgical wound due to the removal of the strip in order to limit the size of the scar by allowing a regrowth of hair through the scar
Stage of dissection of the strip in thin strips (slivers) containing only a few follicular units aligned in order to facilitate the cutting.
These are steps performed with a microscope to minimize the transsection of the follicular units. The percentage of tolerated transsections is 4 to 5%.
Section of the follicle causing the destruction of this one because as the persistent part is not viable. Can occur when sampling (strip or fue), slivering or cutting.
Safe zone, constituted by the Hippocratic crown, contains permanent hair destined to persist a lifetime
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