Your recovery is very important to us and we are there for you every step of the way.
We will provide you with a complete hair transplant care package to take home after the procedure. The care package includes all you need to ensure that both the donor and the recipient area are ideally taken care of for excellent results.

medikemos-45The first days after your hair transplant are crucial for a perfect recovery and will eventually determine the overall result. Some of the recommendations we give to our patients include:

  • to refrain from touching the freshly transplanted area as this could result in the dislodging of the grafts or even contaminate the area with unwanted bacteria.
  • to sleep in an upright position (inclination of 45 degrees) for the first 2-3 nights to prevent swelling

Long term
The first week into your hair transplant recovery you may experience some minor swelling and moderate discomfort. This is perfectly normal and expected. You will be given some mild pain relievers to help you go through this phase in case you need it.
In fact, most patients do not take any pain relief during this phase, however, medication should be available when needed.
Mild scabbing may appear in the recipient area but this is also perfectly normal and expected. If you follow your post-OP instructions this should cease within one week.

The second week after your hair transplant the scalp may appear to be more “pink” in both the recipient and donor areas, similar to the color of your skin when sunburnt.
The recipient area may look like there is an onset of growth, however, this is not the case. The hairs that were transplanted are working their way out of the skin whilst the follicles are still intact and safe and will grow new hair.
The donor zone may still have some scabs but the shaven hair grows back quickly, covering the extraction points. Hence, the donor zone will already look untouched to the untrained eye.

In the third week after your hair transplant you may notice some irregularity of hair length as well as a lessened density. This is because the so-called “shedding phase”, which occurs after almost every hair transplant no matter where it was performed, has begun and will continue for about two more weeks.
The donor area should already look perfectly normal even upon close inspection.
One month into the hair transplant recovery is when we receive most questions, as the recipient area may still (but must not) have a slightly sunburnt tint and as most hair has shed, it may look like nothing had been done and the hair transplant was unsuccessful.
However, it is now that growth of new hair begins and you must be patient.

Two to three months into your hair transplant recovery you may begin to see some preliminary growth, however, the major cosmetic difference is yet to come.
The industry average for new growth is three to four months but our patients tend to have earlier than average growth due to a variety of procedures in our clinic.

Four to six months into your hair transplant recovery you will already be able to see the difference!

There will be a noticeable increase in hair growth and an overall cosmetic improvement, however, the hair transplant recovery does not end here. You have more improvements to look forward to, with more options for hair styles and, of course, a younger appearance.
Seven to nine months into your hair transplant recovery all of the hairs that are to grow will have done so, but the improvements will continue.

Ten to fourteen months after your hair restoration with Dr. Lupanzula you will see your hair mature. This means that the hair will improve in texture and overall characteristics.
Oftentimes after a hair transplant the hair that is growing can look darker, thicker in diameter and behave differently than the native hair. However, the transplanted hair will soften and relax as it continues to grow. This is normal and expected and gets better with time.

Once the recovery is complete your “new” hair will be indistinguishable from your “original” hair to everyone around you. You can cut, style and maintain your hair in whichever way you like, without anyone noticing that you have had a hair transplant.

Of course, you will be given a detailed description on how to take care of your new hair and we are there to support you whenever you need us!