Why choose Medikemos Hair Transplant Clinic for your hair transplant?

Choosing Medikemos means that you are guaranteed our unique “doctor only” dedication, where all surgical aspects are exclusively undertaken by Dr. Lupanzula himself.

At Medikemos you and your goals are at the centre of all our activities and we do not compromise quality and dedication for profit.

Hair transplant technicians and assistants are absolutely necessary, however, their role is mainly supportive. Technicians inspect, trim and place each follicular unit graft but at no time are they using surgical instruments in an unlicensed manner.

Hence, Dr. Lupanzula does not delegate any of the important surgical steps to non-medically trained technicians or assistants. Something you will find very few hair transplantation clinics offer these days.

Dr. Lupanzula’s signature hair transplant results

When choosing Medikemos you choose to be operated on by one of the best FUE surgeons worldwide – with over 10 years of experience.

Dr. Lupanzula has gained worldwide recognition for his achievements using the FUE technique. He is invited to speak at hair restoration conferences the world over on a regular basis and organises workshops to pass on his knowledge. Amongst his peers he is highly respected for his exceptionally good results.

You can be sure that only Dr. Lupanzula himself will perform all surgical aspects of your hair transplant. He is not simply overlooking but performing the operation. This way you can be sure that you get what you paid for and can look forward to first class results that match your expectation and undivided attention and care by all of us on the day of your transformation.

Genuine photographs – Genuine videos

We document and monitor our patients’ hair transplant results and you can be sure that the results we publish are not only real, but are truly the result of Dr. Lupanzula’s work. No tricks, no deception!

You can clearly see from our numerous photos and videos that our results are not mere occasional success stories but are the norm.

Real people, real photos, real results: Our photos and videos are not pimped or manipulated.

Our high definition videos show not only the typical “before and after” but each phase of hair growth after the transformative surgery. We are not afraid to show you close ups of Dr. Lupanzula’s accomplishments. Something most clinics tend to avoid. If you cannot see all the details, you do not know the full story!