FUT/STRIP (Technique of the strip)

During the so-called FUT procedure a small strip of tissue is removed from the back of the head under local anaesthesia. Only the area around the strip is shaved, making the procedure almost unnoticeable (unless the hair is very short). The follicles are then harvested from the extracted strip of skin.
Dr. Lupanzula uses the tricophytic closure technique in order to minimise scarring. It also offers the benefit of a relatively quick healing time as well as regrowth of hair in the donor area, leaving the patient with a minimal lineal scar at the back of the head.
Another benefit of this method is the high number of grafts that can be harvested and re-implanted during a single session.

FUT benefits

  • higher extraction rate of 4000-5000 FUs per day
  • relatively quick healing time
  • low visibility of intervention right after procedure
  • lower cost


  • risk of scarring (linear scar)
  • visible scar (depending on hair length)
  • longer recovery time than FUE
  • stretching of the scalp