Fue Patchy

Patchy Fue is a variant of the classic FUE that consists of a follicular unit removal in the donor area without completely shaving it as is customary in a conventional FUE. Only partial shaving of the donor area is performed.

It will therefore be a question of creating “patches” in the form of thin bands of +/- 0.5 to 1 cm separated by long hair. The long hair will then cover the shaved bands to camouflage, allowing greater discretion at the end of the intervention.
Performed regularly by me, this technique will allow a faster return to the socio-professional life, almost the day after the intervention, at maximum discretion.

FUE PATCHY will often be chosen by patients who do not wish to have the donor area completely shaved but still prefer FUE.
Compared to the classic FUE, the Fue Patchy will take a little longer because the extraction of follicular units is done among long hair, which slows the process down a bit.

With regards to larger FUE PATCHY (more than 2500 follicular units to be transplanted) procedures, it will be necessary to consider several sessions in order to collect such a large number of follicular units. Depending on the characteristics that vary from one patient to another, 1500 to 2000 follicular units can be collected by me during a single FUE PATCHY session. As long as the donor capacity allows it, the number of sessions is adapted according to the needs of the patient at intervals of 6 months.

The result obtained by FUE PATCHY is perfectly equivalent to that obtained by the classic FUE procedure.